Department of Paediatrics


  • The Department of Pediatrics was set up in September 1948, with initial bed strength of ten beds. The department started offering newborn care in 1964. Over the years the department has now expanded providing general and specialized care to children including intensive pediatric and neonatal care and imparting training to under-graduate and post-graduate students of paediatrics, nursing and therapy.
  • Important Moments in the Past:
    First pediatric ward (10 beds)                                                       1948
    Establishment of the Second Pediatric Unit                                  1961
    Initiation of the MD (Pediatrics) Course                                        1961
    Providing Newborn Services                                                         1964
    Establishment of School Health Clinic                                           1965
    Establishment of the Child Guidance Clinic (CGC)                         1968
    Establishment of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)           1978
    Establishment of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)          1989
    Establishment of the Well baby Clinic                                           1989
    Starting the High-Risk Developmental Clinic                                 1989
    Establishment of the Pediatric Nephrology Clinic                          1990
    Establishment of the Pediatric Rheumatic clinic                            1990
    Establishment of the Pediatric Asthma /Respiratory clinic             1992
    Initiation of the Diploma in Child Health (DCH) Course               1992
    Certification of the Hospital as a ‘Baby Friendly Hospital’ (BFHI) 1993
    Establishment of the third Pediatric Unit                                      1994
    Establishment of the Pediatric Neurology clinic                             1996
    Establishment of the Pediatric Gastroenetrology Clinic                 2005
    Participation in the Learning Disability (LD) Clinic                          2006
    Participation in the Autism Clinic                                     2008


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Sushma Malik Professor
2 Dr. Surbhi Rathi Professor
3 Dr. Sushma Save Associate Professor
4 Dr. Poonam Wade Associate Professor
5 Dr. Santosh Kondekar Associate Professor
6 Dr. Alpana Kondekar Associate Professor
7 Dr. Varun Anand Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Neelima Narkhede Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Vinaya Lichade Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Prachi Gandhi Assistant Professor


  • Office: First floor, College Building,
  • Pediatric Wards: 5th floor Hospital building
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: 5th floor Hospital building
  • Pediatric OPD: OPD number 9, First Floor, OPD building
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Third floor, OPD Building

Sections / Units / Branches

Faculty Positions of Dept of Pediatrics in 2011


Unit  1

Unit 2

Unit 3


Professor and Unit Head Dr. S B Bavdekar, Professor and Head of Department Dr  Radha Ghildiyal Dr. Surbhi Rathi Dr Sushma Malik
Associate Professor Dr Sushma Save Dr Punam Sankhe Dr Santosh Kondekar Dr Charushila Warke
Assistant Professor Dr Ashwin Saboo Dr Jane David Dr Alpana Somale Dr Shruti Hule
Resident Doctors and Postgraduate Students Rama
Neha J.
Neha S.
Nisha, Aninder
Preeti, Bhavesh
Kiran, Pooja
Heena, Rushita